Conventional exercise and body-sculpting techniques cannot guarantee fat tissue elimination in problem areas such as the waist, thighs or buttocks. It is no secret that successful body sculpting and fat tissue burning depends on proper blood circulation. Lipids, which take part in metabolic processes, come from the areas where skin and subcutaneous tissues are better supplied with blood, rather than from the muscle groups that are working at the time. The SlimTech offers a unique solution to boost blood circulation in the body parts which are naturally prone to excessive fat deposition.



It is the only device that emits simultaneously dual frequency acoustic waves. This technique allows working on body contouring at two levels in order to achieve local and global results.

It was created and is entirely manufactured in France. It represents a natural technological evolution of acoustic waves: an exclusive know-how, a guarantee of incomperable performance


​This device embodies the new generation of stimulators which has the exclusive capacity to act in a selective way or simultaneously on muscles, blood, and lymphatic circulation. Therefore, xBlue is amongst the most performing tools for body contouring and enhancing metabolic activity with any effort today. 

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