Please note that all testimonials are taken from independent studios all over the world from independent studios. The machines work equally the stomach, hips bum and the thighs.

“I was surprised at how easy it was to get results by doing my course of vacustep. I haven’t ever managed to get such a great amount of inch loss in such a short space of time. I lost 9 inches in 20 sessions and am over the moon, my favourite jeans finally fit me again!”
Rebecca Haddock, Wigan

"In 2 weeks I lost 7 cm from my stomach, 8 cm from my hips, and 5 cm from each thigh. I feel great and I can really feel the difference."

Aysha, London

“I was very surprised at the amount of inches I lost. I lost a total of 15 inches in 4 weeks and saw a massive improvement in my cellulite. I started to notice a difference by week 2, it's given me a much needed confidence boost and would recommend Vacu Tech to anybody.”

Lynne Salmons, Wilmslow

"Before I have started Vacu Tech, I was becoming -let’s face the truth -fat. I was too shy to go to the gym; I couldn't even go up the stairs without loosing my breath after a few seconds! Gentle exercise was something I needed to start getting active again. It was easy, 30 minutes on the trainer inside a vacuum chamber 4 times a week, nice atmosphere in the studio and I didn't have to exercise and sweat in front of other people! I felt fitter everyday. I couldn't believe at the end of fourth week that I lost a stone and about 15 inches in total! Skin on my bum and thighs is firm, much smoother and feels amazing! I would recommend Vacu Tech to anyone."

Christine, London

“ I decided to try Vacu Tech as a last effort to shape up before my wedding and couldn’t believe I lost 5 ½ inches. I felt fantastic in my wedding dress and got loads of compliments.”
Rachael Bass, Lymm

"I am now down over TWO dress sizes, my cellulite has nearly all gone and my skin has really smoothed out. This is the first time in my life I have had a waist line and I have lost a total of 47 LBS in 3 courses of Vacu Tech - It's EXCELLENT!"

David Lloyd, Leeds

"Though the measurements were taken just before "this day" and I felt a bit bloated, I couldn;t believe in 20 sessions, I lost 5 cm from my stomach, 7 cm from hips and 3 cm from thighs. My skin is toned and much smoother. I am very happy with the results."

Judi, London

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