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How it works:

As the only machines n the current marketplace to have combined the idea of physical exercise on a treadmill, bike or cross trainer with infrared rays in vacuum including aromatherapy, colour therapy, ionisation and collagen treatment, we believe our offering is something truly unique.

Our devices are not only a weight loss solution but also a beauty treatment combined in all in one device.


SlimTech Capsule: 

Exercise combined with vacuum pressure provides a non-invasive treatment that promotes targeted fat burning in a short space of time. The SlimTech Capsule approach to reducing body fat is proving to be the revolutionary treatment of choice. Our treatments are proving especially popular with women who are prone to storing fat around the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.

After the first treatment, clients have noticed significant improvement in skin condition. Excellent results are expected after 8 sessions of treatment, including:

  •      Loss of unwanted inches (stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks)
  •  Toned and smoother skin
  •  Delaying of the skin aging process
  •  Removal of toxins from the body
  •  Positive improvement in overall physical condition
  •  Increased rate of metabolism
  •  Stronger Immune system
  •  A positive boost in energy and vitality

Exercising at a moderate level with the lower half of the body enclosed in a vacuum capsule increases blood flow to the problems areas mentioned above.
Blood is drawn into the fatty tissues thus encouraging the body to burn the targeted fat as the primary fuel used during the movement and as a result there is a rapid transport of fatty deposits to the muscle tissue.
This makes the SlimTech Capsule the ideal solution for those wanting to obtain optimum effects from their exercise programme at up to four times the rate of like for like exercise.
We don't believe there is another device currently in the marketplace that is so ideally suited to effective weight loss whilst at the same time offering a beauty treatment to its users including, firming of skin, smoothing out of wrinkles, uplifting of moods, improvement in rate of metabolism as well as removal of toxins from the body. All of which can be achieved at a moderate pace in a safe environment.
Our Manufacturers use only the finest materials to produce our equipment so what you get is a even smooth polished finish inside and out. We believe the quality, durability and affordability of our equipment is what makes us to stand head and shoulders above our competitors. A 2 year warranty is provided with all equipment as standard.


How to exercise: 

We recommend 10-30 treatments according to the thickness of the fat tissue and the level of cellulite development.

The three stages of a 30-minute-long treatment:
1. Your body needs to adjust to the new conditions so you will need to set Vacu Tech for several MBAR for 3 - 4 minutes to start off with.
2. Exercise for 20 minutes in the tempo of an active walk
3. Lower the sub-pressure to the initial position and finish the treatment after 2 minutes.
Our newest Vacu Tech models include 10 in-built training programmes. Simply choose the programme of choice (Fast-Burn for example) and then just walk your way to the perfect body, shape and vitality.

During the treatment you should:

  •  Drink water systematically – your body needs about 0.5 litres of water during a treatment. The purpose of exercising is NOT to dehydrate your system but provide the necessary stimulus for burning fat tissue.
  •  Keep an adequate tempo of exercise so that your pulse is around 120-140 heartbeats per minute.
  •  You should NOT exercise in tight trousers or leggings. This may cause flamation of your lymphatic system.

Contraindications (do not use the Vacu Tech capsules if you suffer from or are:):

  •      Heart disease
  •  Diabetes
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Pregnant
  •  Circulatory diseases
  •  Menstruating
  •  Serious rheumatic diseases

We also recommend:

  •       Following a low-fat- diet
  •  Drinking about 3-4 litres of liquid a day

Vacu Tech equipment is a professional weight loss solution that combines physical effort and sub-pressure. The treatment involves walking on a treadmill or a cross trainer/stepper situated in a tight capsule reaching up to your waist area.

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