Targeted Slimming: xBlue favors the natural and physiological lipolysis by activating intercellular exchanges, but also by improving the metabolism through an increase of the muscular activity. xBlue is therefore an outstanding tool to refine the silhouette during a weight loss program in addition to xGreen (US2A) and a proper diet plan.

Other Applications:

  • Sports preparation: intake of muscle mass, explosiveness, strength, endurance, muscle relaxation
  • Functional Rehabiliation
  • Circulatory Insufficiency
  • Detoxification

Treatment Session:

A session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes according to the defined objective.

The xBlue can be associated with the xGreen (US2A): their combination favours the natural lipolysis through a triple action: liberation, circulation, and consumption of fatty acids. These two free-hand techniques can be performed during the same session. 


xBlue embodies the new generation of stimulators which has the exclusively capacity to act in a selective way or simultaneously on muscles, and blood, and lymphatic circulation. 

Therefore, today, xBlue is amongst the most performing tools for body contouring and enhancing metabolic activity without any effort. 

Muscle Toning: Muscles are made out of three types of fibers that have specific functions. Their distribution being different from one muscle group to another, depending on the type of activation chosen, xBlue will have a specific action on every single kind of fiber or on all three simultaneously, but respecting the chronaxy of fibers and the objective to achieve. 

xBlue enables to create complex stimulation programs (patented system) and automatically adapts itself to any kind of situation according to the selected program. Very easy to use, it offers original programs adapted to all kinds of practice. 



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